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Our focus here on this website has in the past been primarily on environmental, humanitarian, and political issues, but we are “clearing our desk” and overhauling our site to add pages that will provide a repository of pro-Bernie Sanders info, with the intent for Bernie fans to use the info in an effort to wise up the uninformed and misinformed voters out there. No copyright on our content, use as you will.

Alert friends and acquaintances, and let us know if you have any concerns.

Our initial intent is to add the following pages to this site. Suggestions welcome: use comments, tweet us , or email us at

  • The Tips on how to Help the Bernie Revolution page.

  • The PRO-Bernie info page mentioned above.

  • A page outlining adverse consequences of nominating/electing Hillary.

  • A strategy page intended to document upcoming significant events and elaborate upon issues which may not be obvious for everyone.

  • A best current hashtags page, featuring tags to get beyond just the FeelTheBern and Hillbots crowds.

  • A page basically on endorsements of Bernie, compared to Hillary’s endorsements, but also reflecting issues like Hillary’s funding.

  • A compilation of the best graphics, charts, and memes for use in spreading the word to the uninformed/misinformed.

  • A page (or three pages) for the multitude of Blacks, Latinos, and the Elderly — many of which still mysteriously support Hillary — and why it is in their best interests to support Bernie instead.

  • A compilation of the reprehensible campaign dirty tricks being used by HIllary’s lowly snake-in-the-grass minions, to be used as an example of what our corrupt government does not need more of…

  • A page not specifically on Bernie, but provides articles which reflects upon and substantiates his principles and policies.

  • A page which provides best videos on Bernie and his causes?

  • Plus, maybe a “rabid HillBOTS” page, but we are undecided whether to waste time on this one.

  • What did we miss or get wrong?

    Direct Links for all Feel The Bern pages…

    Tips on how to Help the Bernie Revolution

    PRO-Bernie info page

    Hacking the Democratic Campaign (strategizing)

    Bern ‘em Down (on DNC superdelegates)

    2016 Democratic Nomination (why Hillary can’t be Dem nominee)

    Best Bern-Related Hashtags

    Bernie Memes

    Bernie on Flipboard

    Blacks and Bernie (his civil rights advocacy)

    Latinos and Bernie/Hillary

    Clinton Campaign Dirty Tactics

    FeelTheBern Endorsements

    Disclaimer: this site was pretty much “mothballed” for the last two years and some of the pages beyond the new ‘Bern’ pages are consequently a couple of years behind the times. Directly below is the start of the original site lead-in of this overview section.


    “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or imbeciles that really mean it.” — Mark Twain

    The maintenance of this website is currently understaffed and over budget, so we are more than a little behind on keeping everything up to date, but it does still provide some good information we are told. Our intent is, roughly…

    • To impart the actual truth about what is really going on in America and across the planet.
    • To expose the unconscionable deceptions that the corporate-owned mainstream media is deluding Americans with.
    • To explain WHY America and the world needs to be truly and radically changed.
    • To clarify WHAT needs to be changed in America.
    • To outline HOW to go about changing America.
    • To form a coalition of Americans that will work together to turn around our country and save it from those that are mindlessly leading us down the current dangerously destructive path.
    • To demand that the American people be allowed to influence the direction of our country through participatory direct democracy and real-time e-voting.

    If you already have some idea of what is really going on in America, you might conclude that we are crazy to assert that we know how to accomplish such a sincere and monumental — seemingly impossible — task. We understand, but we also are confident that we have figured out the right directions to head. Really, it can be done. With this website we join others in initiating the task of fixing what is wrong with the country and the planet. If you are not actively involved in doing something, join us now, before it’s too late…


    If you have any questions or suggestions you may send us an email at


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