The Republican Cannon Fodder Weekly for August 31st 2012…

Below we present our weekly roundup of cannon fodder to fire at shameless social Darwinist Republicans…

We attempt to showcase unique or enlightening perspectives but also feature a summary of hot-button in-case-you-missed-it issues…

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Top Articles of the Week…
The Republican Cesspool of Shameless Hypocrisy…
The Evils of Republican Social Darwinism…
Lies, Lies, Lies: Repubs LUVS Lies…
The Failure of Republican Policies for the 99%…
Skeletons lurking in the Republican closet…

Top Articles of the Week…

  • We Need a Stronger Word Than ‘Lies’ for What the Republicans Were Spewing Last Night. ‘Lies’ is too weak a word for some of the things Ryan said. We need a stronger word to describe the ability to look you in the eye and argue the exact opposite of your most deeply held beliefs, and do so in such a sincere-seeming way that it’s not even clear he actually grasps his own dishonesty.

  • Amazing Stats Which Prove The Rich Are Getting Richer And The Poor Are Getting Poorer. In the United States today, there is one group of people that is actually living the American Dream. The ultra-wealthy have seen their incomes absolutely explode over the past three decades. Meanwhile, the U.S. middle class has been steadily declining and the ranks of the poor have been swelling. And, Republicans want to raise taxes of the middle class and lower them for the already wealthy

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    The Republlican Art of Shameless Hypocrisy…

  • Republican Convention Recap: As Experts Warn ‘The Door Is Closing’ On Climate Change, Romney Mocks The Problem. This week’s convention gave the national Republican party a chance to share its views with America. It’s now abundantly clear where the party stands on the most pressing issue of our time: climate change and renewable energy are something to be mocked, not seriously addressed.

  • Romney Mocks Obama’s Pledge To Address Global Warming As GOP Delegates Laugh At The Whole Notion. Part two of GOP’s “what global warming”…

  • Job Killing For Dummies: Why the GOP is to Blame For the Lack of Jobs. The GOP agenda has never changed in over thirty years, and despite the abject failure of their grand scheme to enrich “job creators” and their corporations, they persist in attempting to convince Americans that the policies that have failed time and time again are the only remedy to save the economy and spur full employment.

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    The Evils of Republican Social Darwinism…

  • On the Road to Ryan and Ruin. In the 132 years between 1797 and 1929, there was no effective regulation of the economy. No federal agencies existed to control corruption, fraud and exploitation on the part of the business class. As a result the country experienced 33 major economic downturns which impacted roughly 60 of the years in question. These included 22 recessions, 4 depressions, and 7 economic “panics” (bank runs and failures).

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    Lies, Lies, Lies: Repubs LUVS Lies…

  • Lyin’ Ryan: The Media Push Back. When Faux Snooz criticizes LyinRyan, you know it reeks… This diary is a collection of all the media push back (so far) that Paul Ryan has received [from his RNC lie-fest]. I intend to tweet, Facebook and email this list far and wide. Please feel free to add to the list as I will update this diary periodically.

  • Fact Check Video on Lyin Ryan Speech. The Obama campaign released a video early Thursday morning splicing parts of Rep. Paul Ryan’s convention speech with talking heads fact-checking the claims, including comments on Medicare, the stimulus, a GM plant in Wisconsin and the Bowles-Simpson debt commission.

  • Top Ten REPEATED Paul Ryan Lies: You are getting sleeeeepy. This year’s Republican campaign is the most dishonest in history. A couple of weeks ago I listed 10 major falsehoods and gaffes of Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan. He repeated several of them in his Tampa speech, and added a few more. In honest political debate, when a candidate says something that is not true, he is confronted by journalists and the public, and either gives evidence that it is true, or backs off. Ryan continues to insist on repeating known falsehoods, to the extent that even Fox Cable News lamented his dishonesty….

  • Romney Camp: We’ll Continue Lying, Because It’s Working. Don’t let it work, wise up everyone you know and meet…

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    The Failure of Republican Policies for the 99%…

  • You-uns dont kneeds no edgykation sept fer our creationskism stuff. The [GOP] platform’s claim that [university] faculty could be subjecting students to “political indoctrination” smacks of conspiracy theories of an earlier era.

  • The Climate Breakdown Is Right Here, Right Now. There are no comparisons to be made. This is not like war or plague or a stockmarket crash. What we are seeing, here and now, is the transformation of the atmospheric physics of this planet.

  • Paul Ryan’s Grim Vision for America. Let this sink in. This is Paul Ryan’s vision for America. This is what Ryan means by “protecting the weak.” This is the core of Ryan’s tough choices: He wants to cut taxes on the wealthy and cut spending on the poor. In fact, for all practical purposes he’d like to see most spending on the poor go away completely.

  • Racing toward the fiscal cliff: Time running out to avert economic disaster. If Congress takes no action to stave off tax increases and automatic budget cuts scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, the CBO declared, the economy could plunge into a recession. Reading between the lines, it’s clear that the CBO believes there’s no “could” about it — bet on a recession and all its accompanying miseries if Congress doesn’t take action to stop the upcoming disaster.

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    Skeletons lurking quietly in the Republican closet…

  • A History of Mitt Romney in 30 Objects. From swag to scissors to Seamus, a virtual tour of our GOP nominee’s defining moments.

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  • Media Hacks: Why Our National Press Corps Is Failing the Public Abysmally. We can’t have serious debates in this country because we don’t have a news media that offers us serious debates. Rather than dig into candidates’ claims, we get he-said/she-said drivel and doses of whatever conventional wisdom is flying around the Beltway – we get dueling campaign “narratives” rather than a serious look at issues of substance, which seem to bore most campaign reporters.

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